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the artist and her work

Lisa lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama.  She was raised Catholic and thanks to her parents, was exposed to a wealth of art as a child. 


"I learned at an early age early that art was simply an expression and interpretation of life through the eyes of that artist." 

As an adult Lisa traveled to Italy.  She was in awe of the famous sculptures and paintings such as 'David' by Michelangelo and 'Expulsion from the Garden of Eden' by Masaccio, but it was in college where she developed a heavy curiosity in the art of ancient and indigenous cultures. 

The beautiful beadwork and currencies of these mysterious tribes, from around the world, left her with the sense of connectedness to history of the world.  

Lisa is a self proclaimed nerd.  She studied geology in her youth and is currently an active member in the Alabama Mineral and Lapidary Society.  As an artist she uses a variety of elements such as African sea glass, bone, semi-precious stones, wood, pearls and even industry metals. "Historically it's all connected and contributes to the philosophy and design of my art."

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