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Create something for a loved one or for yourself.    


Here's how to do it;


First, consider the person you are creating the gift for.  
Why are you creating this gift for them?  
Will it represent some turning point or event in their life?  

How do you want this piece to stand out?
Do you have a preference for the main stone... Maybe you have a a special keepsake such as a dog tag, crucifix or bicycle link thats just sitting in the jewelry drawer... add that to your piece to make it even more personal. 


Fairy Lights
To help us understand what you're trying to create, please fill out the following information.
Is this gift for female or male?
What is the general theme or event is this piece about?
Which color might be the primary color?
Which METAL do you prefer?
Is there any SPECIFIC culture that you want reflected in this piece?

I'm done, what now?

After submitting this form, Lisa Baldone will contact you within 24 hrs to confirm the final details of your piece.  

Commissioned pieces range from 95.00 with full payment due at that time using  PAYPAL.

You should receive your purchase within 10 - 14 days.
By clicking on the SUBMIT button,  I understand that the artist retains full creative control and will use this information as a strong guideline in creating my special piece.

Thanks for submitting! I look forward to speaking with you!

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